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John Lennon and Michael Hill


John Lennon the boy who became a legend John Lennon the boy who became a legend


John Lennon - The Boy

John Lennon joined Dovedale Road School in May 1946, when his Aunt Mimi took him to live with her in “Mendips”.

John soon made friends with Michael Hill, a friendship which would see them both go to Quarry Bank School.

Michael Hill - The Friend

Michael Hill lived close to Dovedale School and Quarry Bank, on Dovedale Road.

Michael, John, Pete Shotton and Don Beattie would go back to Michael’s house for lunch. It was here that Michael inspired John Lennon by playing him a new record he had purchased in Amsterdam.

The Foreword

Michael’s recollections have that authentic flavour which, unlike most Beatle-related

writing, comes from a person who was actually there during John’s younger years and who lived through them alongside him.

Thanks Michael–you brought it all back to me.

Rod Davis, The Quarrymen

Rod Davis - The Quarrymen

“Little Richard was one of the all-time greats. The first time I heard him, a friend of mine (Mike Hill) had been to Holland and brought back a 78 with ‘Long Tall Sally’. That’s the music that brought me from the provinces of England to the world. That’s what made me what I am.”

John Lennon said:

The Book

For the first time, read the full story of how John Lennon was turned on to rock ‘n’ roll in the home of his school friend, Mike Hill.

John and Mike attended Dovedale Road School and Quarry Bank High School together, and shared a passion for rock ‘n’ roll. With their friends Pete Shotton and Don Beattie, Mike played John “Long Tall Sally” and forever changed his life.

“With a flair for telling detail and historical context, Hill recounts his friendship with the young John Lennon in ways that bring the future Beatle to colorful life. It all rings true, from the privation of post-war Liverpool to the early flashes of rock ‘n’ roll’s forbidden energy. Hill’s reminiscences renew Lennon’s music in fascinating ways.”

Tim Riley, author of Lennon: the Man, the Myth, the Music (2012)

“To fully understand John’s passion for rock ‘n’ roll, you need to read Michael’s book. He was there with John from a young age, and this personal eyewitness account reveals for the first time how, in Michael’s house, John realised that rock ‘n’ roll had to be his destiny. This is a fascinating book, and a must-read for anyone who wants to discover what drove John to fulfil  his dream of becoming a rock ‘n’ roll legend.”

David Bedford, author of Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles (2009) and The Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles (2013)



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And comments from leading biographer, Philip Norman, ‘I have greatly enjoyed the book. A fascinating memoir of the days when John Lennon was just a fresh-faced boy in a school photograph’.

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