The NEW book about John Lennon

John Lennon and Michael Hill


John Lennon the boy who became a legend John Lennon the boy who became a legend


About the book

There have been many books written about John Lennon, his life, his music, his part in the greatest group in music history.

But where did it all start for John? We know he loved “Rock Island Line” and Lonnie Donegan’s other popular tunes. We know he started The Quarry Men at Quarry Bank School with his friends. We know he was influenced by Elvis and other great rock ‘n’ roll legends.

However, what few authors have recorded is the important part played by one of John’s best friends, Michael Hill. Michael had attended Dovedale School with John, and they went to Quarry Bank together. Their friendship with Pete Shotton and Don Beattie was essential in John’s rock ‘n’ roll epiphany at Michael’s house.

And so, for the first time, read how Michael Hill turned his best friend John Lennon onto rock ‘n’ roll, a journey which took John from being a mere schoolboy in Liverpool to becoming the music legend known around the world.

This is a personal story of fun and friends, records and rock ‘n’ roll, and how John Lennon was so astounded that he decided there and then that rock ‘n’ roll was to be his life.

The chapters are as follows:    



1 Beyond Imagining           

2 War Infants         

3 Traumatic Times        

4 From Mummy to Mimi       

5 Infants         

6 Neighbourhood Life       

7 Junior School        

8 Entertainment        

9 Mucking Around        

10 Lennon and Tarbuck       

11 Last Days at Dovedale       

12 Grammar School        

13 Punishment         

14 Classroom Clown        

15 Art and Writing        

16 Running Wild in Wales       

17 Being a Nuisance   

18 Money         

19 Growing Up                 

20 Scousers       

21 Amsterdam       

22 Musical Destiny      

23 The Quarry Men      

24 Going Nowhere      

25 Quarry Bank Remembered

26 Musical Families      

27 Musical Foundations

28 Merseybeat  

29 Anguish       

30 Little Richard      

31 Divergence       

32 Taking Off       

33  A Fascinating Photo  

34 Reconnecting